Thursday, December 22, 2005

My Results on the "Orthodoxy Test"

After seeing two other bloggers publish their results (Town Crier - Right Wing Yeshivish :) - and Hirhurim - Left Wing Yeshivish) of LamedZayin's Orthodoxy Test, thought I'd give it a shot.

The results are actually what I expected - being my general attitude that reality is a lot more nuanced that most people assume: User Test: The Orthodoxy  Test.

Left Wing Modern Orthodox: 34%
Right Wing Modern Orthodox: 63%
Left Wing Yeshivish/Chareidi: 57%
Right Wing Yeshivish/Chareidi: 30%

This means you're: Huh?

What does it mean?

I give up. What are you?

Comparison Summary:

Of the 262 unique test takers...

For: Left Wing Modern Orthodox

49% scored higher, and
49% scored lower.

The average Raw Score is: 29.6, your's was: 28.

For: Right Wing Modern Orthodox

59% scored higher, and
37% scored lower.

The average Raw Score is: 47.8, your's was: 46.

For: Left Wing Yeshivish/Chareidi

56% scored higher, and
42% scored lower.

The average Raw Score is: 41.2, your's was: 40.

For: Right Wing Yeshivish/Chareidi

43% scored higher, and
56% scored lower.

The average Raw Score is: 23.1, your's was: 24.


J. P. van de Giessen said...

Interesting how Jewish I am as a christian. I belong to the Right Orthodox Wing (Modern)

Soccer Dad said...

I feel like I'm in really good company! I also ranked Huh? as did Elder of Ziyon. I'll have to retake the test and post later.

BTW, I've been a bit late in getting to you about this ... but have you shared your thoughts on Harry Potter with Rabbi Rosenberg. When he was with us for Thanksgiving I was talking about different blogs and I mentioned yours. He said that you go to his shul.


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