Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Siyum HaShas Yerushalmi

Two Shabbosim ago I made a siyum on all of Talmud Yerushalmi, finishing with Kiddushin. We had the siyum at Rabbi Friedman's shul in Kew Gardens Hills, during seudah shlishit. We set up an area in the ezrat nashim, so that my mom, my sister, my wife, and Meir Yaakov came as well.

The end of kiddushin is built for a siyum - it is at the end of seder nashim, and it contains soft and engaging material, most probably deliberately so, as a result. Thus, I did not really have to add much over the Mishna and Gemara. It is all about choosing Torah as a career, and the benefits of such a choice (on a very practical level). It ends with a reminder of the importance of enjoying what the world has to offer.

הדרן עלך הניזקין!
הדרן עלך האומר!
הדרן עלך מי שאחזו קורדייקוס!
הדרן עלך הזורק!
הדרן עלך המגרש!
(prakim 5-9 of yerushalmi gittin)
וסליקא לה מסכת גיטין

הדרן עלך האשה נקנית!
הדרן עלך האיש מקדש!
הדרן עלך האומר לחבירו!
הדרן עלך עשרה יוחסין!
(prakim 1-4 of yerushalmi kiddushin)
וסליקא לה מסכת קידושין
וכולא סידרא דנשים
וכולא תלמוד ירושלמי

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