Thursday, April 21, 2005

Kol Chamira - my first audio post

(Note: Most if not all of this is based on what I recall from Dr. Steiner's Amaraic class many years ago. Any errors are not his, but mine.)

Update: I decided to do this as an audio post. Right-click on this link and choose "Open in new window/tab" - then scroll down on this page to see the scan as the audio plays.

Update: Removed inaccurate statements about Bi'arteih. Hope to replace soon.

Update: Specifically, what I intend to add, once I get ahold of a microphone, is that Bi'arteih is an attempt at Piel, which is a form that does not exist in Aramaic. Instead, the equivalent is the Pael. (Patach, dagesh, tzeirei.) The first person perfect Pael would be *Ba'eireith. However, the resh would influence the tzeirei preceding it, and transform it into a patach. Thus, Ba'areith. Add yatheih, and you have Ba'areitheih. That is, a patach under the bet, a patach under the ayin, a tzeirei followed by yud after the resh, and then a tav with no dagesh in it, tzeirei, yud, mapik heh. (It is obviously easier to pronounce this, but what can you do? I'll update as soon as a I get a microphone. My original statement on Bi'arteih I have removed in the meantime from the sound file, was relevant to the Peal (Kal) form rather than Pael, but it was basically pronounced the same in the end, with the exception that there was a chataf patach rather than a full patach under the ayin.

Here is a scan of the Kol Chamira, from an Artscroll Siddur. Notice I circled a few things.

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