Monday, April 18, 2005

Dinosaur Eggs Discovered

From Wired:
The rare discovery of eggs inside a dinosaur has given scientists new clues about the reproductive biology of the creatures and more support for the theory that birds came from dinosaurs.

The pair of shelled eggs is the first of its kind found inside a dinosaur, said researchers who reported the discovery in Friday's issue of the journal Science.


There have been previous findings of round objects around dinosaur skeletons and scientists have suspected they might be eggs but because they did not have shells, there wasn't certainty, Sato said.

"You have egg shells with this one," she said of the specimen at the National Museum of Natural Science in Taiwan that was excavated from China. "This is the first time for sure."


The remains of the shelled eggs looked like pineapple-sized potatoes.
Read the whole thing.

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