Friday, September 19, 2008

Interesting Posts and Articles #74

  1. Danish city targets Ramadan fasting. This is unacceptable, to my mind. Still, at least they did not make it law.

  2. The Seforim blog gets snarky, with a new series called "The Tree Murderers" about seforim that shouldn't have been written.

  3. An interesting alternative to Microsoft Office and Google Docs is Zoho Docs. They have a PowerPoint, Word, and Excel clone. And the Excel clone even is controllable via VBA.

  4. Balashon has a writeup of the word "dod." And I posted a comment there about the relationship to the Aramaic word chaviva.

  5. Slashdot on the hacking of Sarah Palin's email. And more details at Michelle Malkin. I think it is awful.


Anonymous said...

I am unsure if it is my lack of understanding but I will ask anyway Rashi Says (Metzudah Translation) According to Midrash Agadah: Why is the chapter of "You stand" adjacent to imprecations? Because, when the Israelites heard nearly one hundred imprecations, besides the forty nine in Toras Kohanim,14 their faces blanched, and they said, 'Who can survive these?" Moshe began soothing them. You stand, this day.You have greatly angered the Omnipresent, yet He has not destroyed you, you have endured before Him.
Well untill today he did not tell us well if you do otherwise I will(INSERT CURSE OF CHOICE HERE)which is why I imagine the Ramban and Ibn Ezra have diffrent Opinions. It seems to simple of a mistake to be right so Please correct me.

Dave ( Balashon) said...

Thanks for the link.

I'm already planning on linking to an older post of yours in my next one...


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