Monday, September 01, 2008

Interesting Posts and Articles #68

  1. Over at LGF, anatomy of a video.

  2. The Republican Convention may be delayed because of Hurricane Gustav. I find that ironic, given that when Obama was planning on having the Democratic convention out in the open, people were questioning whether this was a wise move, and wondering what would happen if it would rain.

  3. Over at Hirhurim, taking responsibility to provide for a family before starting one and continuing to grow it. I believe we find basis for this in the story of the Dodecagamist, in Yerushalmi Yevamos, who was unwilling to take twelve yevamot to wife, because he could not support them and the inevitable children. And also the idea that there was a difference in Eretz Yisrael and Bavel in whether they learned first or married first, given the differing situations -- and where they would have to support their families, they learned first (for a limited time). The idea is that of course one has an obligation to support his family, and cannot just learn and cast himself upon others to support him.

  4. A Democrat apologizes for suggesting, in jest, that Hurricane Gustav at the time of the Republican convention shows that God is on the Democrats' side. Yet people suggest similar things, in all seriousness.

  5. The obsession with Sarah Palin's pregnancy, for political reasons.

  6. Not allowing children into a religious school because their grandmother wears pants.

  7. The Village Voice's article on Chabad messianism. And Emes VeEmunah's take on it. In Shabbetai Tzvi's day, he also transformed Shiva Asar BeTammuz and Tisha BeAv into feasts, in accordance with Zechariah. I've been discussing the parameters of Shivasar BeTammuz, and the possibility that it may be permitted to eat nowadays, or perhaps prohibited to fast, in an ongoing series which has temporarily derailed due to other focuses. But that would be al pi halacha (and no one will listen to me anyway) not based on messianic delusions.

  8. More on Modesty squads over at HaAretz.

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