Sunday, September 23, 2012

Doing the Daf summary #6

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I missed a week, but here is the lastest on my Daf Yomi site.

Berachot 38-39: When is it proper to fulfill all positions? Sometimes we see an Amora praised, and sometimes we see an Amora criticized, for trying to fulfill all positions. Can we figure out some sort of pattern or guiding principle to this?

Daf 42: Why didn't Abaye get a shkoyach? Because of an issur to give someone a shkoyach on Shabbos or Yom Tov.

Daf 50: Who is Rabba Tosfaa? A bridge to the savoraim.

Also, נברך שאכלנו משלו and the meaning of ש. I suggest that the she means "because".

Daf 51: Sitting for bentching -- it is not that one must sit, rather than recline. It is that one may sit, and we do not force him to recline, or wrap himself in a tallis.

Also, Asparagus in the gemara and in ancient science. Parallels. We see both have wine mixed in, and that depending on the ingredients, there are different effects to this asparagus drink mix.

Daf 51-52: Why say the halacha is like Bet Hillel? Because the Tosefta, written by Rav Oshaya or Rabbi Chiyya, is saying we pasken in all of the four instances of dispute like Bet Hillel, not just in this first one. And thus, it argues about how we pasken in the dispute about order of washing vs. sweeping, where some Amoraim hold we pasken like Bet Shammai.

Also, the Tosefta here is a proto-gemara, and it is not Bet Hillel who is giving two explanations, under davar acher, but the setama deTosefta. Note how the Tosefta here, repeatedly first gives the dispute and then gives the explanation of the dispute. And that is also the reason for halacha ke-X. The setama degemara meanwhile analyzes this proto-gemara as if it were your typical brayta. Also, don't make to much of the use of the word teikef.

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