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Doing the Daf summary #5

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Here is a summary of this week's Daf Yomi posts at my Daf Yomi blog from last week.

Going all the way back to Berachot 10a: Losing out on the berachot of kriat Shema; I suggest that early Amora Mar Ukva is not saying that he loses out on all the brachot of Shema if he delayed, but only that of Yotzer Or, since the time light begins has passed. Also, is the disproof to Mar Ukva from the Mishna or the brayta? Regardless, how to defend his position.

In Berachot 28a, How was Resh Lakish in doubt? Rather than the traditional understanding, that Resh Lakish was unsure if Rabbi Yochanan or Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi said it, it was a statement that Rabbi Yochanan had made, parallel to an idea voiced by Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi, which made him doubt whether Rabbi Yochanan would really rule against Rabbi Yehuda in the brayta. The actual details are a lot more interesting than this summary suggests. Basically, if Rabbi Yochanan holds that one does wrong by praying mussaf after time X, even though he still can, then why should he not agree with Rabbi Yehuda's reasoning, that it is a mitzvah overet?

On Berachot 31-32, Wrestling with God, I point out that a good part of these derashot involving arguing with Hashem may well come from the alternate meaning of פלל.

Also on 31a, Shlish beMikra, and peshat in Daniel's prayer 'as he did aforetime'. First, an analysis of the sources, and kvetch, that one can fulfill 1/3 of one's learning time of Mikra, by learning Gemara. And then a practical example from Berachot. What is peshat that Daniel continued praying three times daily as he did before? I mean in context of the story.

On 31b, Did Chana pray el-Hashem or al-Hashem? Rashi rejects a girsa which makes an al tikrei here, just as by Moshe, since by Chana, it actually does say al-Hashem. Rashi is right, and I look to manuscript evidence of Berachot and of sefer Shmuel.

On 32b, Rashi's mother and the oncoming wagon. Rashi's mother purportedly experienced the same thing which should cause one to shorten one's tefillah and clear off! But did it really happen to her?

On 33a, The snake-lizard vs. Rabbi Chanina ben Dosa. The story in its various manifestations. 

Also, How did Reuven save Yosef by casting him into a pit filled with Snakes and Scorpions? And why is this to Reuven's credit, if he knew? After all, the gemara in Berachot says that if one is cast into such a pit, he will surely die!

On 33b, Piyutim, and excessive appellations of Hashem. Why Rav Shmuel Palagi opposes most piyutim, based in part on our gemara which rejects use of Divine appellations other than the few set by the Anshei Knesset HaGedolah.

Then, on 33 - 36, some thoughts on each daf.

And finally, for 28a, A land of oil producing olives and honey. Rav Chaim Kanievsky grapples with how devash can refer to dates when the devash is zaya bealma.

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