Monday, February 27, 2012

Purim Contest from Oh Nuts!

Three ways to enter and perhaps win:

1. Go to the Oh Nuts Purim Basket Gift page. Choose your favorite Purim Gift and leave a comment on this blogpost with the name and url of the gift you like best.

I will pick a random winner who will receive a $30 gift Oh Nuts! certificate.

2. Go to the Oh Nuts facebook page, become a fan and post the url and name of your favorite Purim Gift Basket .

You must also write "I am here via Parshalog:

Oh Nuts will pick the winner

3. Follow @ohnuts on Twitter and Tweet:

"Win a Purim Basket from Follow @ohnuts and RT to Enter Daily "

Oh Nuts will pick the winner.


DovBear said...

A 4th way is to enter at DovBear's blog:

joshwaxman said...


Ezzie said...

Gotta love this one:

Who doesn't love a Luxurious Locomotive Shalach Manos? :)


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