Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Interesting Posts and Articles #357

1) At Hirhurim, sourcing a strange practice of slapping the witnesses under the chuppa.

2) At Notrikon, a running scribal error in Masoret HaMasoret by R' Eliyahu Bachur. (Post is in Hebrew.)

3) At Yated, the Seichel deficit, about vaccinations, daat Torah, and seeking rabbinic guidance... properly.

4) Bad For Shidduchim on Daas Torah and turning down dates. And, as a follow-up, the Final Word in halacha.

5) An Opinion piece in the New York Times, about Ritalin Gone Wrong. That children's ADD medications don't work long term.

6) On the Main Line with The statue of Rabbi Isaac Ger Graanboom.

6) The Jewish Press Won't Be Silenced.

8) From Life In Israel, News Tidbits from the Haredi community.

9) The Rebbe on Autism:

10) Flying “People” Near Statue of Liberty Stuns New Yorkers 

11) Here on parshablog, Milah of slaves meakev korban pesach -- a real Scriptural interpretation or a rabbinic decree?

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