Sunday, October 02, 2011

When the fast of Tzom Gedalya ends in NYC, 2011

Please note: The following is for zip code 11367, which is Kew Gardens Hills. You will have to adjust for your particular zip code, by plugging it in to the respective sites.

According to the bulletin from a local KGH shul, Etz Chaim:
Tzom Gedaliah
Fast Begins: 5:31 AM; Fast Ends: 7:17 PM
According to the Zmanim of
Shkiah (sunset)
6:37 pm
Fast Ends
7:04 pm
Tzeit Hakochovim (nightfall)
7:10 pm
According to MyZmanim:

Fast Begins

at 5:31 AM Dawn - Degrees
or at 5:40 AM Dawn - Fixed Minutes
Eating of a settled character - אכילת קבע - may not be started
during the half hour immediately preceding dawn. Please
consult your Rabbi for details. 

Fast Ends
R' Tukaccinsky  
  • The fast ends no later than the
    emergence of ג' כוכבים בינונים at -
  •  7:06 PM
    R' Moshe Feinstein  
  • One who finds fasting difficult may eat at -
  •  7:10 PM
  • One who does not find fasting difficult
    should wait until the time for מוצאי שבת at -
  •  7:17 PM

    [מהיכא תיתי]

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