Monday, October 31, 2011

A malei Tehorah in Noach, in accordance with Chazal

As a quick followup to last week's post about whether טהורה is spelled with a vav or without. Chazal in the gemara, based on a count of eight letters, appear to maintain that טהורה is spelled malei. And so it seems from Rashi on the daf. Yet the standard masoretic text does not have a vav there.

It is one thing to talk in theory about such distinctions, and even to bring secondary sources such as Vetus Testamentum which document that some masoretic texts have the vav. It is something else entirely to open up a Chumash and see that variant text.

I am not going to go through all the texts of JNUL, examining them to see how they spell the word. On the other hand, I did spot this one in passing, so I thought I would share it. This is the text from JNUL:

תנ"ך. תורה. ר"ן. אישר
[אישאר : דפוס אליעזר בן אברהם אלאנתנסי, לפני ר"ן].

And this is what it has:

I underlined both tehoras in this verse. Note that the second is malei, against the standard Masoretic text, but in accordance with the gemara.

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