Thursday, June 02, 2011

Prepare for Shavuot with Yeshiva University's Shavuot To-Go 5771; also, Spend Shavuos with the Yeshiva

Via email, with various minor edits by me:

Download Shavuot To-Go 5771 from Yeshiva University –

Follow the above link to go to their page, which also has efforts from previous years. If you want to download and print, individual articles, they have:

  1. Rabbi Elchanan Adler - "Yearning for Salvation"
  2. Rabbi Azarya Berzon - "The Two-Fold Nature of Chag HaShavuot"
  3. Rabbi Reuven Brand - "Converting to Kindness"
  4. Rabbi Joshua Flug - "Torah Study: Results Are Also Important!"
  5. Rabbi Shmuel Goldin - "Why Break the Tablets?"
  6. Rabbi Yosef Kalinsky - "Aliyah Laregel Bzman Hazeh"
  7. Mrs. Deena Rabinovich - "How is this holiday different than all others?"
  8. Rabbi Dr. Andrew Schein - "A Brief History of Tikkun Leil Shavuot"
  9. Dr. Lawrence Schiffman - "Yatziv Pitgam, One of Our Last Aramaic Piyyutim"
  10. Ms. Shuli Taubes - "Habakkuk: The Man, the Mission, the Haftarah for the 2nd Day of Shavuot"
  11. Collected insights from members of the Graduate Program in Biblical and Talmudic Interpretation at Stern College

Also, the following:

Spend Shavuot back in Yeshiva with…The RIETS Shavuos Yarchei Kallah
June 7-9, 2011
Hudson Valley Resort and Spa
In Upstate New York
A round-the-clock program of Torah learning and inspiration will include: 
President Richard M. Joel
Rabbi Hershel Schachter
Rabbi Yona Reiss
Rabbi Dr. Michael Rosensweig
Rabbi Dr. Jacob J. Schacter
Rabbi Aharon Kahn
Professor Smadar Rosensweig
Rabbi Elchanan Adler
Rabbi Kenneth Brander
Dr. David Pelcovitz
Families welcome! Day camp for children 3-12 years old!
For more information please call 212-568-7340. Register at

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