Sunday, May 08, 2011

YU Yom HaAtzmaut To-Go

From Yeshiva University, Yom HaAtzmaut To-Go.

You can download and print the whole packet, and see the presentations from previous years, at their website.

Here is a listing of articles from this year:

Individual Articles download 
  1. Rabbi Azarya Berzon - "On the Love for Zion"
  2. Rabbi Dr. Hillel Davis - "Connecting geulah to tefillah: A daily affirmation of the Religious Zionist"
  3. Rabbi Binny Freedman - "Transforming the Pain of Yom Ha'zikaron into the Joy and Challenge of Yom Ha'atzmaut"
  4. Rabbi Moshe Ganz - "The Meaning of Yom Ha'atzmaut"
  5. Rabbi Alan Haber - "Is This the Final Geula?"
  6. Rabbi Yonatan Kohn - "The Beginning of the Beginning"
  7. Rabbi Dov Moshe Lipman - "The Redemption Process Has Begun"
  8. Mrs. Chana Lockshin Bob - "Two Torah Stories (that might be) About Eretz Yisrael"
  9. Mrs. Tzippi Rimel - "Israel as the Culmination of the Vision of the Prophets (Hebrew)"
  10. Mrs. Shira Smiles - "Creating our Connections to the Land of Israel"
  11. Rabbi Moshe Chaim Sosevsky - "Staking our Claim to the Land"
  12. Rabbi Yair Spitz - "The Religious Significance of the State of Israel"
  13. Rabbi Moshe Taragin - "An Ancient Echo"
  14. Rabbi Pesach Wolicki - "Geulah: The End of Jewish Fear"


Unknown said...

You and Devorah both have conducted yourselves with contemptous behavior in spreading lies, Motzi Shem Ra and Hotzaat Diba on Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi. You need to shut down your blog.

joshwaxman said...

says you. please explain the lies, for example, so that we can discuss it reasonably.

kol tuv,


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