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Did a delusional tractor driver *ACCURATELY* predict nuclear meltdowns across the world?

What Nir Ben Artzi might
think is appropriate use of
 nuclear energy.
Once again, I would say NOT.

1) Note that Nir Ben Artzi did not predict any doom for Japan until after the disaster in Japan. At the beginning of the year, according to new reports, he was declaring that China would no longer be a country. Only after disaster struck Japan did he start predicting that Japan would no longer be a country. (Interpretable in many ways.) Similarly, apparently only after disaster struck Australia did he suddenly start addressing Australia.

2) And prior to the disaster in Japan, he was not speaking about nuclear meltdowns. He had a whole litany -- strong winds, tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, etc. Only now does he start predicting nuclear meltdowns. So what happened? Only now Hashem decided to reveal this to him? Or he noticed that people were worried about such things, so as a con-man, he added it? Or perhaps, as a delusional nut-job (another possibility, among the three of Lord, Liar, Lunatic), the current events got stuck in his head.

Here is what Nir Ben Artzi said:
Every nuclear reactor, in every place in the world, whose purpose is to do evil and to destroy the world (making weapons), it will harm, it will collapse and it will destroy what is around them. The reactors in Japan that were damaged, this is called "letting the genie out of the bottle" and revealed the truth. 
What Nir Ben Artzi appears to be saying is that there was something hidden going on in Japan. The Japanese were secretly manufacturing nuclear weapons and were going to use them, or sell them to those other evildoers who were going to use them. Thus, Hashem damaged those reactors. This revealed the 'truth'.

And similarly, every nuclear reactor whose purpose is to do evil, making weapons, those nuclear weapons will be damaged, will collapse, and will destroy what is around them. NOT that random nuclear power plants, whose purpose is to do good, to provide cheap and clean energy while not polluting the environment as a coal burning power plant would, would be damaged and would destroy what is around them. All in all, a very inspirational message from Nir Ben Artzi.

What nuclear reactors would I have in mind, as ones whose purpose is to do evil? Well, topmost on the list are the ones in Iran and in North Korea.

Sometimes, someone gives a prediction but the finer points are forgotten. And so I'll just do my job to remind. everyone about the particulars. Thus, Shirat Devorah sees fulfillment in Nir Ben Artzi's prediction here:
Now.....  if you read the news.... you can see several incidents which may prove his words correct:

[Today's news] Madrid - Media say 14 people were working in the containment area of a nuclear power plant in northeast Spain this week when water used to cool a reactor was unexpectedly released.
as well as:
[3 days ago] Alabama Nuclear Plant Shut Down Safely After Storm
The Browns Ferry nuclear facility in northern Alabama remained safely shut down after it lost power following devastating storms in the area...."We are in a safe shutdown mode .....We're assessing the damage outside of the plant on the transmission system to determine what we need to fix."
Also, in another post:
Nuclear plant workers release unknown amount of radioactive tritium into Mississippi River

Workers at the Grand Gulf Nuclear Plant in Port Gibson, Miss., last Thursday released a large amount of radioactive tritium directly into the Mississippi River, according to the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), and experts are currently trying to sort out the situation. An investigation is currently underway to determine why the tritium was even present in standing water found in an abandoned unit of the plant, as well as how much of this dangerous nuclear byproduct ended up getting dumped into the river. Many also want to know why workers released the toxic tritium before conducting proper tests.
More at: Tritium Nuclear Power Plant
As far as I can make out, it was a power plant in Madrid, Spain, and a power plant in Alabama, and another power plant in Mississippi. I seriously doubt that these were evil nuclear reactors. If the American government wanted to make nuclear weapons, they could -- and they do. And I am not so sure that they are 'evil', even if they did, since they are intended to serve only as a deterrent to other countries using nuclear weapons.

If so, Nir Ben Artzi was not talking about these nuclear reactors at all, and he would be the first to tell you that he was not talking about those reactors. (Unless, of course, now he wants to take credit in order to increase his renown as a successful psychic.)

When we hear in short order of a number of evil countries who were trying to develop nuclear weapons whose reactors exploded, injuring the evildoers, then I might credit Nir Ben Artzi with a successful prediction.


Devorah said...

The power plants may be intended to do good, but you should listen to what Dr Helen Caldicott says - she is a Physician and Author, and founder of the US-based Nuclear Policy Research Institute (NPRI) at

drifting towards unparalled catastrophe

joshwaxman said...

thanks. i'll try to check it out. even if nuclear power unwittingly leads to disaster (i'm assuming that this is what she is saying in the video), this still does not strike me as matching Nir Ben Artzi's predictions...


Devorah said...

Quoting Dr Caldicott: "Canada exports two things: wheat for life, and uranium for death".

The video is just under 10 mins. and it shows how a malfunction in any reactor at any moment in time can cause unparallel catastrophe as we are witnessing in Japan (and over there, the smoke still rises from the reactors, and the fallout has reached America, to say nothing of billions of gallons of radioactive water they are pouring into the ocean)... and then they wonder why the ocean erupted over them - sounds like a case of mida kneged mida to me.

Moriah said...

Japan supported Iran's nuclear ambitions:

What's that old saying about Blessing Israel? Hmmmmm..;-)

joshwaxman said...

that may well be, but that does not seem to me to be the same as the reactors themselves being used for evil. these were power plants. and certainly the ones in Alabama and Mississippi do not seem to match Nir Ben Artzi's criteria.

kol tuv,


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