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VaEtchanan sources

by aliyah
Rishon (Devarim 3:23 lineartrup, with Onkelos)
Sheni (4:5)
Shlishi (4:41)
Revii (5:1)
Chamishi (5:19)
Shishi (6:4 -- shema yisrael)
Shevii (7:1)
Maftir (7:9)
Haftara (nachamu -- in yeshaya 40)

by perek

Rashi, in English and Hebrew
Shadal (here and here)
Daat -- with Rashi, Ramban, Seforno, Ibn Ezra, Rashbam, Rabbenu Bachya, Midrash Rabba, Tanchuma+, Gilyonot
Gilyonot Nechama Leibovitz (Hebrew)
Tiferes Yehonasan from Rav Yonasan Eibeshitz
Chasdei Yehonasan -- not until Shofetim
Toldos Yitzchak Acharon, repeated from Rav Yonasan Eibeshitz
Even Shleimah -- from Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Ehrenreich
R' Saadia Gaon's Tafsir, Arabic translation of Torah (here and here)
Collected commentary of Saadia Gaon on Torah
Rashbam (and here)
Zohar, with English translation
Imrei Shafer, Rav Shlomo Kluger
The following meforshim at JNUL. I've discovered that if you click on the icon to rotate sideways, change to only black and white, select only the portion which is text, it is eminently readable on paper.
Ralbag (319)
Chizkuni (137)
Abarbanel (332)
Shach (271)
Yalkut Reuveni (pg 156)
Sefer Hachinuch (pg 127)
Aharon ben Yosef the Karaite (225)

Daat, Rashi In Hebrew (perek 34567)
Judaica Press Rashi in English and Hebrew
MizrachiMizrachi (286, JNUL)
Gur Aryeh (Maharal of Prague) -- and here
Berliner's Beur on Rashi (here and here)
Commentary on Rashi by Yosef of Krasnitz
R' Yisrael Isserlin (on Rashi, 15, JNUL)
Two supercommentaries on Rashi, by Chasdai Almosnino and Yaakov Kneizel
Rav Natan ben Shishon Shapira Ashkenazi (16th century), (JNUL, pg 156)
Yeriot Shlomo (Maharshal)
Moda L'Bina (Wolf Heidenheim)
Dikdukei Rashi
Mekorei Rashi (in Mechokekei Yehuda -- also Minchat Yehuda)
Yosef Daas
Nachalas Yaakov
Medayek HaRashi
Prachei Rashi
Pi Habe'er on Mizrachi
Baalei HaTosafot al HaTorah
Also see Mikraos Gedolos above, which has Rashi with Sifsei Chachamim

Daat, Ramban in Hebrew (perek 34567)
R' Yitzchak Abohav's on Ramban (standalone and in a Tanach opposite Ramban)
Rabbi Meir Abusaula (student of Rashba)

ibn ezra
Daat, Ibn Ezra in Hebrew (perek 34567)
R' Shmuel Motot (on Ibn Ezra, pg 47, JNUL)
Ibn Kaspi's supercommentary on Ibn Ezra, different from his commentary
Avi Ezer
Tzofnas Paneach
Ezra Lehavin
Also see Mikraos Gedolos above, which has Ibn Ezra with Avi Ezer

Targum Onkelos opposite Torah text
Shadal's Ohev Ger on Targum Onkelos
Chalifot Semalot
Avnei Tzion -- two commentaries on Onkelos
Or Hatargum on Onkelos
A critical edition of Targum Yonatan
Commentary on Targum Yonatan and Targum Yerushalmi
Tanach with masoretic notes on the side
Commentary on the Masorah
Masoret HaBrit HaGadol
Rama (but based on alphabet, not parsha)
Vetus Testamentum

Midrash Rabba at Daat (perek 34567)
Midrash Tanchuma at Daat (perek 34567)
Devarim Rabba, with commentaries
Midrash Tanchuma with commentary of Etz Yosef and Anaf Yosef
Commentary on Midrash Rabba by R' Naftali Hirtz b'R' Menachem
Matat-Kah on Midrash Rabba
Nefesh Yehonasan by Rav Yonasan Eibeshutz
Midrash Aggada (Buber)
Yalkut Shimoni
Tanach with Sifrei and HaTorah veHamitzvah
Midrash Lekach Tov

haftara (Yeshayahu 40)
In a separate Mikraos Gedolos, with Targum, Rashi, Mahari Kara, Radak, Ibn Ezra, Metzudat David.
As a haftara in a chumash Devarim, with Malbim and Ibn Ezra
Haftarah in Gutnick Edition
Daat, which includes Yalkut Shimoni and Gilyonot
Aharon ben Yosef the Karaite


Anonymous said...

meir says
It was the unkindest cut of all.

A Brooklyn federal judge has awarded $10 million to the victim of a circumcision gone horribly wrong.

The money is to be paid by the maker of the Mogen clamp, a forceps-like device commonly used in circumcisions and shown in a medical journal to have been involved in other partial amputations.

Given that record, Magistrate Judge Marilyn Go found that a warning should have been included with each device. Instead, the instruction manual promised a risk-free procedure.


any opinions

if not suitable for your blog please delete.

joshwaxman said...

thanks. very interesting.

Anonymous said...

meir says
well here goes what i have to say.
first of all i dont know the full story, is this used, as a do it yourself kit or was a professional mohel involved.
Why it should it need a label saying it can be dangerous, beats me, does every knife have such a label or is it like cigarettes. do they really think risk free, means that, especially in the wrong hands.
now to the main point. i see divine retribution here.

this company went out of their way to stop jewish people having a proper kosher bris, now they're getting their just reward by having to pay millions of dollars.
i also dont know if the child is jewish or not. what i mean to say i remember a case where the mohel was refused block insurance because he did children from a non- jewish wife and jewish husband. he also ended up in the end having to pay at the time thousands of dollars for a mistake. and this was a qualified and experienced mohel.
I have learnt that in the end god gets to you. You cant hide from him all the time and he is there watching, biding his time and in the end for those who make money out of false mizvot there is a terrible price to pay.


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