Friday, July 09, 2010

Posts so far for parshat Masei


  1. Masei sources -- revamped.
  2. Harmonizing the order of the Bnos Tzelophchad -- Yet another instance of the Samaritan Torah going about its program of harmonizing texts to make them consistent or solve problems.

  1. Masei sources -- links by aliyah and perek to an online Mikraos Gedolos, plus a variety of meforshim on the parsha and haftara. Plus a bunch of meforshim commenting upon Rashi, Ramban, Ibn Ezra, Targum, Midrash, and the Masora.
  2. Mizrachi's map -- I make no interesting points here, but show an image of a map from Mizrachi in explaining a Rashi.

  1. What did the king of Arad hear? Did he hear that they were coming, or did he hear of the death of Aharon and that the Israelites were vulnerable?
  2. "And Moshe Wrote" -- does this indicate extra material tacked on? And how this relates to the dispute between Ibn Ezra and Ramban whether al-pi Hashem is connected to the Israelites' travels or with Moshe's writing.
  3. Furthermore, Ibn Ezra's reading is against the trup. But is it possible that Ibn Ezra did not realize this? I think it likely.
  4. Did Joshua add the section about Arad? Why would we think that, and how we can resolve this.
  5. The Egyptians, occupied with burial. And how that may easily translate to Rava's midrash about why "the land which consumes its inhabitants" was a good thing for the spies.

  1. Was any daughter of Tzelaphchad smarter than any other? The dispute between Rashi and Rashbam, in interpreting the relevant gemara.
  2. The marriage of the daughters of Tzelaphchad, and marrying in birth order.
  3. *If* Yovel comes -- can Yovel cease?
  4. Moshe Rabbenu's Beis Medrash. Was Torah not in Shamayim, even in the days of Moshe?

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