Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Interesting Posts and Articles #255

  1. Avakesh has a video of a certain chassidic practice -- throwing apples in Belz on Shabbos Shirah. Perhaps it is a segulah to keep away the doctor...

  2. For fans of Asher Bara, here is an interesting lawsuit going on, about a portion of "Land Down Under" being borrowed from "Kookaburra sits in the ol' gum tree."
  3. Mystical Paths continues arguing against Jews practicing yoga, and links to a whole bunch of previous posts on the subject.
  4. The most recent Haveil Havalim, over at Simply Jews.
  5. DovBear on a proto-pluralistic midrash.
  6. Here on parshablog, my roundup of posts for parashat Mishpatim.

1 comment:

E-Man said...

Loved the apple and doctor line.


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