Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Gra on the trup of 'asser te'asser, in Reeh

Summary: Part of a series focusing on the Vilna Gaon's interpretation of trup, this one focuses on the pasuk in Re'eh, 'asser te'asser, and works the trup into the famous derasha on those words.

Post: In parashat Reeh, in Devarim 14:22, we see the command to tithe. And the second word of that pasuk, namely te'asser, has the trup of zakef-katon. And the Vilna Gaon relates the trup to a famous derasha upon this pasuk. In Kol Eliyahu, he writes:

In the verse "'asser te'asser `et kol tevu`at zar'echa, etc.," behold the melody upon the word te'asser is a zakef-katon. There is to say that it comes to hint to that which is in the gemara in masechet Shabbos (daf 119), "tithe {'asser} so that you become wealthy {tit'asher}". Therefore the trup of zakef-katon comes to hint on the making upright of the level, from smallness to greatness.

I have nothing to add to this one.

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