Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Interesting Posts and Articles #227

  1. At BeyondBT, a what to do with an ideological divide with the rebbe of one's child:
    “dinosaurs never lived – the earth wasn’t created back then – what, did they float around in nothing?” And “no one’s seen a dinosaur, their bones were just put into the ground”.
    I last discussed this issue in this parshablog post, about picturing Adam as chassidish.

    See also Emes veEmunah on this.

  2. Does the Obama administration support blasphemy laws?

  3. Rafi G. of Life In Israel has a strange interaction with the police.

  4. The Muqata has a nice roundup of approaches to the rainbow as sign in parshas Noach. And some post-Noach thoughts.

  5. Hirhurim on whether it is Marcheshvan, Cheshvan or Merach Shevan. We've seen this discussion previously, but it is always good to bring it to the fore, in frum websites.

  6. Wolfish Musings on incentives to be irresponsible and not save up money, because of yeshiva tuition and scholarships.

  7. A lengthy comment thread on the aforementioned post at Divrei Chaim, about whether 1/4 of all Orthodox kids sent to secular college become Conservative. And the reaction at the Kallah Magazine blog (here and here).

  8. Shirat Devorah on focusing on the real captives.

  9. DovBear on whether Avraham was tested, and what the possible source for this test was. I would suspect that there are other textual sources for this tradition as well, as midrashic interpretations.

  10. Here at parshablog, sources to prepare parshas Lech Lecha.

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