Monday, October 05, 2009

Interesting Posts and Articles #218

  1. An opinion piece at Matzav to stop with the chillul Hashem. But he undermines it all, I think, with this one comment:
    They don’t need to report about the Meah Shearim mother in a biased manner, because so-called Jewish news sites do the job for them, by either simply distorting the truth or by just reporting what the left-wing and largely anti-religious Israeli press puts out there.
    That is, he thinks that the Meah Shearim mother case was reported by so-called Jewish news sites in a biased manner. Thus, he appears to be of like mind to many misinformed chareidim who think that there is a high likelihood (to say the least) that the Meah Shearim mother is innocent, and thus the victim of a frame-up by Hadassah hospital. Otherwise, what precisely does he consider to be the biased headlines?

  2. More on the Shabbos elevator kol koreh / psak, at the Muqata, in this cartoon in Haaretz, and in this article. Hirhurim on why it is not such a big deal, but see the responses in the comments. And see how Yeranen Yaakov reports it.

  3. Life in Israel has a psak from Rav Sherlo allowing blogging on Succos.

  4. Eruv Online about carrying a lulav or a shofar for a woman or child on Yom Tov. Most poskim allow it.

  5. Wolfish Musings considers whether he is deviant (or whether some Jews would think he is) for believing common courtesy is not non-tznius. And see the comment section. I agree that certainly, for some people, tznius does trump "common courtesy", which they might look at as not Jewish morality.

  6. This week's Haveil Havalim.


Tamir said...

In No.1, you write:
Thus, he appears to be of like mine to many ...

Did you intend "mine", and I have a problem understanding what you mean, or did you intend "mind" and made a typo ?

( if the latter, I'm O.K. with you correcting the typo, and deleting this comment, without acknowledging my contribution)

joshwaxman said...

typo. thanks.


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