Thursday, June 05, 2008

Interesting Posts and Articles #41

  1. My Machberes continues to plug the Oz veHadar gemara. An interesting excerpt:
    In establishing the correct text, the Maharshal carefully scrutinized published editions of the Talmud as well as the commentaries of Rashi, Tosfot, and other Rishonim. With the addition or deletion of one letter or one word, the Maharshal often gives great clarification to difficult texts. As a result, subsequent publishers of Shas used the Maharshal’s work as a guide in correcting texts prior to their new printings. This was and is problematic. The glosses of the Maharshal were collected and published independently. The Maharshal, however, wrote his glosses on the very page of the Gemara that he had in front of him. The later printers applying the Maharshal’s corrections did not necessarily work on the same edition that the Maharshal did, thus creating new errors and often compounding old ones.
  2. Cross Currents: On Halacha, No Compromises
    Needless to say, most mainstream journalists are totally lacking the ability to read, much less evaluate, the halachic sources upon which the Rabbinical High Court based its decision, and could care less about the halachic issues involved. As a consequence, they placed a decision about a halachic issue onto a template more congenial to them, and reported it like a sports match or political contest.
  3. Five ways to spot a fake photograph, from Scientific American.
  4. Angry Clinton Supporters for John McCain. I don't know if they are real.
  5. Rabbi Pinchos Lipshutz meets someone who really believes in gilgul
  6. Fake bus stop keeps Alzheimer's patients from wandering off.
  7. A service (probably a scam) for Christians, to deliver emails to friends "left behind" after the rapture. Heh.
  8. Pravda Neeman on why they will continue to post.
  9. Wolfish Musings:
    A fourteen year old girl was attacked in Israel when a man, purported to be from a "va'ad hatznius" poured acid on her face, legs and stomach, causing light burns. Her crime: wearing loose-fitting pants and a short sleeve shirt.

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