Monday, June 02, 2008

Interesting Posts and Articles #39

  1. The investigation into Olmert is a big kiddush Hashem.
  2. EJF responds to accusations
  3. "A lesson from my sister"
    She went on, talking apparently oblivious to my reaction.

    ”Yitz says that the seforim say that when women come to the grave the soton dances on the kever and Mom said that in Europe women never went to the grave..”

    I tried to take it all in—all that I’d just heard —that it was wrong for me to go to my Dad’s grave…. And that by going I’d be inflicting damage onto his soul and and violating family custom—a family custom I’d never even knew our family had.

  4. The new British national science test:
    Why is unobtanium used to summon the Gostak?

    1)Unobtainum is purple
    2)Unobtanium is not magnetic
    3)The Gostak has a strong affinity for unobtainum
    4)Unobtanium is attractive to gnomes

    It’s pretty clear that the desired answer is (3), even if you don’t know what unobtainium is or what (who?) the Gostak might be.
  5. Reb Aizel Homiler does a Jew a favor. Heh:
    On one such occasion, Reb Aizel Homiler passed by a certain grave and paused to read the excessive praises on the deceased man's tombstone. Reb Aizel said that in the next world they were asking this man to explain all of the praises written on his tombstone. Reb Azriel ordered the proper tools brought, and then had the people smash the tombstone until the inscription was no longer visible. Arriving at the meal later than expected Reb Aizel told the assembled: "I was out doing a favor for a fellow Jew"
  6. More on mezuzot at Mystical Paths
  7. Bananas in danger
    Panama disease - or Fusarium wilt of banana - is back, and the Cavendish does not appear to be safe from this new strain, which appeared two decades ago in Malaysia, spread slowly at first, but is now moving at a geometrically quicker pace. There is no cure, and nearly every banana scientist says that though Panama disease has yet to hit the banana crops of Latin America, which feed our hemisphere, the question is not if this will happen, but when.

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