Friday, February 01, 2008

Interesting posts and articles #13

  1. The chocolate lady at In Mol Araan discusses the Brooklyn dialect and the meaning of "regular coffee."
  2. Snopes covers a video from the Onion, about how a child wishes for infinite wishes from the Make-A-Wish Foundation, such that they might go bankrupt. Obviously it is not true, but people were emailing Snopes inquiring if it was.
  3. BlogInDM has a nice post which covers both "Handel Erlekh," a Monopoly game, as well as the Flashbush wig store issue. He has much better, and informative photos, and provides analysis as well. Check it out.
  4. On The Main Line posts on a Chick tract from Olomeinu, and links it to the above post at BlogInDM.
  5. "The Rebbe Is Moshiach" in the Jerusalem Post.
  6. Kabbalists rolling naked in the snow. Only permitted for tzadikkim.
  7. Today's Rif Yomi, on Nedarim.
  8. Reuters: "A new type of shrew-like creature with a snout similar to an elephant's trunk has been found in the mountains of Tanzania, the first new species of the mammal found since the 19th century, scientists said."

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