Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Good Website For Planning Bus Trips

I've made use of this website a few times recently, and it seems to work pretty well (although not always giving the optimal trip). It is called HopStop, and it gives bus directions (rather than driving directions) for getting from point A to point B in several cities, including NYC.

So I thought people here might like to know about it.

Another interesting website someone showed me the other day was Geni, a free online genealogical chart drawing tool (allowing you to include pictures, and relationships between people). And you can share with others in your family, who can edit it themselves and fill in other parts of the family tree. A nice tool. The tree is usually private except among people with whom you share it, but you can make it public as well. I can imagine there could be issues with this, because you end up sharing information like mother's maiden name.

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