Thursday, July 05, 2007

Edwards' $1250 Haircut Is Justified

I do not think it a big deal that John Edwards had a $400 haircut or, as news now has it, a $1250 haircut, even as Edwards talks about Two Americas and Poverty.

The thing is, the guy is running for public office, for President. And as the first televised Nixon-Kennedy debate proved, image is very important. If he went to a discount, or normal hairstylist, there is the possibility that his hair would not come out perfectly, and this would affect his image, and thus his probability of being elected.

Comparisons with Bush (like the YouTube clip of Bush quickly combing his hair into place with his hand as opposed to an intricate process for Edwards) are silly. I'm sure Bush -- (and many previous presidents as well) -- has a hairstylist on staff -- and such costs are part of the White House's budget.


Anonymous said...

theres that old conventional wisdom about teddy roosevelt, had the world lived by television back then, there would have been no way the country voted for a man in a wheelchair

Anonymous said...

you mean franklin d. roosevelt.

the chocolate doctor מרת שאקאלאד said...

I think the conventional wisdom on the Kennedy-Nixon debate must be wrong. From the clips I have heard, it sounds like Nixon was unprepared to respond to questions ex tempore and was reciting memorized speeches. Kennedy spoke in real time and sounded smart. From the (very brief) video clip I have seen K did not look so good (sort of bloated and varnished) and N did not even look that bad.


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