Monday, July 16, 2007

A Curious Story

Over at DixieYid. About a chassid who thinks that beseeching a Rebbe, rather than Hashem, is the way to be blessed with children. And the same chossid, who does not know the bounds of propriety, and how to take a hint, to leave the Rebbe alone when asked. And a Rebbe who is more focused on his own meditations that on the heartfelt needs of one of his chassidim, and who gets annoyed and makes an oath he has no way of guaranteeing.

And how the chassid doesn't take the hint, and goes to pester another tzaddik, this time through his wife. And how that other tzaddik leaves his life alone to cope with preparing for Pesach, not checking to see if she needs help, even though she has in the past, because he would rather learn. And how the tzaddik, too, makes an oath. And how a son is born, but the son is a Rasha and a Moser.

As I said, a curious and interesting story.

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DixieYid (يهودي جنوبي) said...

Thanks for linking to my story.

One point to take into account. There's no indication in the story that he didn't beseech Hashem to save him in addition to going to the Tzadik. It's not discussed in the story though because davening to Hashem for children is obvious and it does not relate to the point of the story.

Also, though it is obvious that Tzadikim are not a replacement for Hashem, CV'Sh, there is a legitimate concept that a Tzadik can help change a decree. See, ie: The gemara in Moed Koton 16a, "א"ר אבהו ה"ק אמר אלהי ישראל לי דבר צור ישראל אני מושל באדם מי מושל בי צדיק שאני גוזר גזרה ומבטלה." The gemara clearly says that Hashem allows Tzadikim to nullify his decrees. That is also part of His will.

As anyone who's been in a desperate medical situation can understand, one pursues every avenue for a solution and they can even become insistent in his desperation. We're not discussing someone who just wants some time to discuss his problems. He was apparantly in a state of desperation after so many years of not being able to have children.

Hope that helps! Tizku l'mitzvos.

-Dixe Yid (Y.U. alum)


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