Saturday, May 05, 2007

Rif Yomi Awakens!

The Alfasi blog took a brief hiatus for the duration of Chagiga, since there is no Rif on Chagiga (or rather, as I wrote, there is only a single daf on Chagiga, as an introduction to Moed Katan). But today the daf Yomi cycle began Yevamot. And so Alfasi is back on track.


Check it out here.


Avromi said...

Yasherkoach! Welcome Back. I sent you an email once about permission to use a sentence or two from the rif blog to explain the gemora on Daf Notes and to link back to you. I'll check back here later for your response or you can email me please. Thanks

joshwaxman said...

I must have missed that email. Certainly, you are welcome to excerpt it.
Kol Tuv,

Avromi said...

Thank you very much - should I comment each time where it is from?

Avromi said...

and btw, what is in between the two eyes on your first puzzle?

joshwaxman said...

either or.

... and in that particular puzzle, each word in the phrase corresponded to a word in the solution. Which is why yaak was somewhat embarrassed he knew the answer.
(and it is what makes the puzzle a pun)


Avromi said...

I understood it, but how is that for "tachas"? Thanks

joshwaxman said...

follow this link:
and see the second definition for tachas.
Then, look at the picture.


Avromi said...

oops, i think i got it


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