Tuesday, May 22, 2007

No Cherem on MBD

You'll see this on other blogs as well (e.g. Life In Israel) but I thought it proper to participate in techiyas haMeisim.


Eliezer Eisenberg said...

Wonderful. This gives battei din approximately the same legitimacy as the pervert you linked to that was very creatively mattir yichud. Do you think they could have contacted the other beit din and had them retract? Does the other beit din maintain their psak of siruv? What a bunch of bozos.

joshwaxman said...

I'm not sure that the Arab scholar is a pervert - and I linked to a JPost story about him.

And what this -- and other similar letters -- state, is in fact mainstream accepted halacha, as far as I know. You don't need to be dragged off to Israel to appear before a specific court for monetary matters. There is a concept of ZABLA - zeh borer lo echad, zeh borer lo echad, and the two pick a third.

But why the anger?

Eliezer Eisenberg said...

The anger is because there are so many morons sitting on Batei Din, whose ego and ignorance makes the concept of respect for the Jewish court system a laughing stock.


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