Tuesday, March 27, 2007

It's Permitted to Own Kitniyot On Pesach!

From the AP: The Israeli Green Leaf party warns observant Jews not to smoke pot on Pesach.
Biblical laws prohibit eating leavened foods during Passover, replacing bread with flat crackers called matza. Later injunctions by European rabbis extended those rules to forbid other foods like beans and corn, and more recent rulings have further expanded the ban to include hemp seeds, which today are found in some health oils — and in marijuana.

Green Leaf is a small political party that supports the legalization of marijuana. Although it is by no means a Jewish religious authority, the group decided to warn its observant supporters away from the drug on Passover.

"You shouldn't smoke marijuana on the holiday, and if you have it in your house you should get rid of it," Levine said. The edict was first reported in The Jerusalem Post.
Assuming hemp is kitniyot, there still should be no reason to get it out of your house!

I wonder, further, if the prohibition of consuming kitniyot extends to burning it and inhaling its smoke. They should have consulted their local Orthodox rabbi before making any such pronouncement.

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