Monday, March 19, 2007

Indeed, there is Rif on Chagiga

When we finish Moed Katan, Daf Yomi moves on to Chagiga. Alas, there is no Rif on Moed Katan. Or Rosh, for that matter.

Or so it seems.

In fact, there is for both. It is simply very short and out of order. While Bavli has Chagiga after Moed Katan, Yerushalmi has it first. And so, that is where Rif and Rosh place it. Of course, not much is relevant halacha lemaaseh, and so we have only on Chagiga 18a.

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thanbo said...

are you planning to publish your translation of the rif at some point? seems it might be a saleable commodity.

presumably at the end of the cycle of daf yomi.

if people can sell translation of targum, and a translation of ein yaakov, is a translation of rif any less useful?


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