Thursday, January 11, 2007

Link: A Jewish Intellectual Timeline

Eliyahu brought to my attention an interesting website: a Jewish Intellectual Timeline, showing what was happening in the Jewish intellectual world, parallel to what was happening in the non-Jewish world. An interesting project. To cite from their description:
This timeline presents a parallel history of intellectual developments in the Jewish and non-Jewish world from ancient to contemporary times. It is intended both to provide a concise history of Jewish thought, as well as to help bring out some connections between the often divergent universes of Jewish intellectual history and non-Jewish intellectual history, perhaps yielding something of a broader perspective within which to appreciate both sets of intellectual achievements. The center (light blue) columns list the titles of Jewish and non-Jewish works — typically books, seforim, or other texts and publications — along with the author name(s), which are usually linked to corresponding Wikipedia articles. The outer (gray) columns list important political events in the Jewish and non-Jewish world, along with their principle actors, if relevant.
Check it out.


Gil Student said...

Look at the date it has for the book of Daniel.

joshwaxman said...

good point. many of his others are similar. e.g. late authorship for Shir HaShirim. good concept though.


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