Wednesday, January 17, 2007

An Israeli Think Tank

I saw this picture on page 5 of the Jewish Week last week, much larger and with caption. (It lacks a caption in the online version.) And was much amused.

The image was captioned thusly:

An Israeli think tank is helping the government understand the existential threats that face the country. While Israel at the Lebanese border, above, struck back at Hezbollah forces last summer, the government has been slow to realize wider dangers, the think tank claims.

(And the image, of course, is a bunch of soldiers thinking and talking with one another while on a tank. Either someone there has a sense of humor, and this is deliberate, or someone lacks a sense of humor, and so didn't catch it. Heh.)

Oh... and I'm preparing some responses to the questions asked of me by email and comment, but it is in a queue and I'm dealing with things in FIFO order.

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Anonymous said...

The caption is in the online version. You just have to hover your cursor over the picture at in order to see the caption.


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