Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I get my first anti-Semitic YouTube comment

People generally come to parshablog or to alfasi looking for Jewish material. But since I started videoblogging, I've been posting the video's to YouTube and embedding the videos on the respective websites. This has the side-effect of increasing the size of the general audience who might see the video. And thus, I receive my first anti-Semitic comment on a Rif Yomi video -- in German.

Update: It gets better. How in the world did an anti-Semitic German speaking Moroccan find a video of the Rif on daf Yomi Beiza? My guess is as follows: This fellow's sole YouTube contribution is a video of him pulling down his friend's pant and thus exposing his friend's "small eggs" (in German) = testicles. He probably followed a related videos link from a related video, and got from "egg" to "Beitza."

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