Thursday, November 02, 2006

Check Out DafNotes

I said a while ago that I would give DafNotes a mention. It is a very nice daf yomi blog -- well informed, with interesting points, and discussions of points raised by Rishonim and Acharonim on points relevant to the daf. It is not really my style of learning, and occasionally gets homiletical, yet it is a good blog to keep in mind.

I commented on their most recent post, about displaying joy on Rosh haShana -- it is problematic to be sad, and seems to be an obligation to be happy on Rosh haShana. (My comment was on the difficulty of posing alternative responses of Rav Ashi in what was, in the end, an actual event.) Check out dafnotes, and the specific post, here.


Avromi said...

Firstly, thanks

Secondly, Ben is our homiletical expert.

Thirdly, SM"B is not suggesting an alternative response to a actual event - he wants to know why was it surprising to Ravina that Rav Ashi was sad? R"H is a day of sadness, seemingly. His answer is that the assumption is wrong - it is a day of joy and that is why Ravina was troubled regarding Rav Ashi's expression.

joshwaxman said...

that makes sense, and i agree.
kol tuv,


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