Monday, May 29, 2006

"The Original Red Bendel Bracelet"

is now one of the sidebar ads. Better than some of the earlier ones, but still quite silly. Besides the grammatical error in the ad ("Don't be fooled by Imitation's"), you have to wonder whether the Original Red Bendel Bracelets all included sterling silver. Thye claim that "The Red Bendel Bracelet brings good luck to those who wear it and wards off evil wishers. String imported from ISRAEL and authentic." Wow! An authentic string! The "testimonials" on the site read mostly like positive feedback from ebay: "Can't say enough. Beautiful bracelet, Great Communication, Fast
Shipping. Bought one for myself and then another for each person in my family including my husband who loved it too. I got the gold one and they each got the sterling silver. Both great looking bracelets.""

This is dumb, and a lowering of an already questionable tradition (dating back to the Tosefta which calls it Chukat Emori).

In related news, this morning while shopping for some whole milk for Meir, I saw the Kabbalah energy drink. Billed as a "Source of Power." Check it out. Somewhat funny, but somewhat more likely to be interpreted the wrong way than another item some people were yelling about a while back.

Kabbalah Energy Drink is a delicious citrus fusion which contains essential vitamins and amino acids that pick you up and keep you going. Kabbalah Energy Drink is a refreshing source of positive energy for your busy whether you need to take your dog for a walk, study for finals, bar-hop with friends or just need a second wind at the office, reach for Kabbalah Energy Drink. Also available in a low-carb Sugar Free variety!

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