Friday, May 26, 2006

Kavana in Kriyat Shema

will likely be the next in my series. This article in Machanayim by Prof. Yisrael Ta Shema is a good source for this - that while there is a general dispute whether mitzvot require intent, by Shema there is a separate issue, and definition, of Kavana to accept the yoke of God that is required. See Rashba, Rambam, and suppercommentaries there. I don't have the time to process all this right now, but it is something worth checking out.


ADDeRabbi said...

yoke, not yolk

joshwaxman said...

now corrected.

I am not sure what the Yolk of God would be, but perhaps it would be related to the Albumen of the Heaven, which seems to be the Liquor of Mercury.
(see Paraclesus here)



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