Sunday, January 15, 2006

Moving On To Pesachim

In a few days Daf Yomi will finish masechet Eruvin and move on to masechet Pesachim. This is a good time to join the Daf Yomi cycle, for Pesachim is a lot less technical than Eruvin.

To plug my other blog - Rif Yomi on the Alfasi blog will continue through Pesachim. You can learn the Rif instead of, or as a supplement to Daf Yomi. Rif is shorter because he strips out much aggada and many opinions and discussions which are not lehalacha, and also adds in explanations of how to pasken and why.

Also, I have updated the Rif Index by Daf to include all of Eruvin, so that it now encompasses Berachot, Shabbat, and Eruvin.

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Anonymous said...

Yashar koach. A special yashar koach as to your RIF blog. What an excellent idea!


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