Monday, January 16, 2006

Introducing Tanach Linkify 1.4

I got an email yesterday stating that the latest version of my Firefox extension, Tanach Linkify, has been approved. It does exactly the same thing as Tanach Linkify 1.3, except it works with Firefox 1.5. It may be downloaded from the Firefox Extensions site or from its page on parshablog.

What it does:
  • Replaces plaintext references to psukim (Biblical verses) to the mechon mamre link (which has the pasuk and translation).
  • Replaces plaintext references to pages in Talmud with an e-daf link (which has an image of the page).
Thus, for example, Pesachim 3b would show up as Pesachim 3b, and Shemot 12:3 would show up as Shemot 12:3.

It uses variant spellings for names of seforim and show should catch the majority of occurrences.


Anonymous said...


If I view a page of Hebrew script on a web page will the link to a pasuk or to a daf of Gemorah still work or is this only for English language items?


joshwaxman said...

At the moment, only English items.
perhaps a feature for the next version...


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