Sunday, August 07, 2005

OK - so the blog wasn't on hiatus until Friday

I posted a note on Wednesday that the blog would be on hiatus until Friday, because life was hectic. Subsequently, I managed two posts, so it was not much of a hiatus. I actually did not post at all from Monday of that week, because I was so busy I did not have time to access my computer, and when I finally had the slight breathing room that note, I also had the slight breathing room to dash off those two quick posts.

This week we moved from Riverdale back to Kew Gardens Hills, where we grew up. We got a co-op, and the early part of the week until Wednesday was spent packing, Wednesday was the closing, and Thursday was moving day (as well as a work-day, since a crisis came up).

We used a moving company X, and they sent 4 movers at $125 an hour. They came pretty close to the estimate given by the company (around $1000), but for the fact that they took 2 1/2 hours to drive from Riverdale to Queens, a trip that took me 45 minutes, with a stop-off at YU. (They got off at the wrong exit, traffic, etc...) This on my cheshbon. The foreman said he would reduce it by an hour because it was partially his fault (the rest he blamed on traffic), and later claimed he had said 1/2 an hour, which he defined as not charging for the 5 minutes of cleanup that it took after settling the bill. There was more craziness that I won't get into, involving tips, and yelling and profanities directed at my wife, who was handling the bill (I had to run off to work), but it was rather unpleasant towards the end. Next time, Moishe's Movers, or the like, which gives an estimate at the beginning which is fixed via a contract, even if it actually takes more or less time.

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