Monday, April 05, 2004

I'm mentioned in OpinionJournal's Best of the Web!

You can see it at today's (April 5th) Best of the Web. I'll try to get the link to the archive when it pops up.

Well, not me actually. Another Josh Waxman, who happens to be a reader, I suppose. I know a few of them, and I have some guesses at to which of them it was. Here's the mention:

Our item Friday on blogger Markos Zuniga's post about the four Blackwater Security Consulting contractors murdered in Fallujah, Iraq, last week--"They are there to wage war for profit. Screw them," Zuniga said--brought this response from reader Josh Waxman:

It would be "fair and balanced" if you also mentioned that Markos explained that the reason he was angry was because the deaths of American soldiers in Iraq got second billing to the deaths of these individuals.

But that might not please your master, would it? It's really nice when facts are things you can use as you wish, and discard when they're inconvenient.

We don't want to get into any trouble, so if you see our master, please don't tell him we published Waxman's letter. Anyway, we're not sure how Zuniga's professed sympathy for soldiers is a mitigating factor. "Screw them," he said of four men who had been lynched. Is such an attitude less despicable because there are other people whose lynching Zuniga would object to?

To clarify, I agree with James Taranto here.

Update: Jon of the Yeshiva blog led me to the other Josh Waxman's web site, here.

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