Friday, August 19, 2016

Bava Kamma 78-79: וטבחו ומכרו redux

Continuing the other day’s post about the gemara’s apparent variant pasuk text of וטבחו ומכרו (in Bava Kamma 77b), this variant recurs later in the gemara, at least twice.

Once is in the following daf (Bava Kamma 78b), where Masoret haShas again dutifully corrects it:

In this instance, the derasha is not dependant upon either an או or an ו.

Then, on the next daf, 79a, where the Masoret Hashas misses it, and where the choice in conjunction might be relevant:

There is also an earlier daf where it is cited as וטבחו ומכרו as part of a full pasuk. However, all such instances are part of possible alternate phrasings of the pasuk, and there is an explicit derasha on the fact that it is או rather than ו. On 67b:

For each of these, of course we should check Talmudic manuscripts and so on. I briefly looked at the printed Rif at the end of the gemara and the ones on 78 and 79 were written as או מכרו...

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