Thursday, November 14, 2013

Boycott Scholastic?

First Artscroll, and now Scholastic?! I'm not going to have anything left to read!

Here is the full picture, rather than just the clip being passed around. From Amazon (where you can get the Kindle version of the book, as well as the original Italian version of the book, Caccia allo scarabeo blu):

Maybe one can argue that context excuses it. Thus, DovBear writes:
But has anyone seen the rest of the book? It is possible that context explains this? Perhaps the map belongs to a Hamas operative?  Or, perhaps someone misunderstood  the famous Zionist slogan about how Jordan is Palestine?
Meh. Obviously not. Two plausible "contexts" is that this is supposed to point out ancient areas. But then there are modern countries there. Or that inserting a small country with a large font would be intrusive to the point of the map. It is also possible that it was written to explore Egyptian history and culture and they relied on an Egyptian map, which indeed excluded Israel for political reasons.

There are better reasons to avoid the Stilton books. They are too darn noisy, make repetitive mouse puns, shifts in font and color.

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E. Fink said...

Hey, nothing wrong with the fun icons, colors, and fonts. They make the books a joy to read for young readers! And they have pretty good lessons generally speaking.


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