Friday, April 05, 2013

Videocast lesson on parashat Shemini

Hopefully this works.

I discuss:
* Vay Hi == it was woe == death of Nadav and Avihu
* The trup on the first pasuk
* Does Shemini mean the 8th day of miluim or / and the 8th day of Nissan?
* Why does the egel for a chatas imply atonement for the chet ha'egel. On this, I should have mentioned also that hakrev lifnei Hashem implies that Aharon himself is coming close again to Hashem. Also that it is a chatas, a sin offering. Instead, all I mentioned is that it is a shift from Moshe to Aharon, and simultaneously a shift from Par for a chatas into Egel for a chatas.

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