Friday, March 15, 2013

Rav Moshe Zuriel on drafting yeshiva students

Received by email:


Avi said...

So now Sha'as Hashmad refers to any time when a government is forcing you to do something you don't want to do? It has nothing to do with Kiyum Hatorah anymore? He writes that it's a Mitzvah to enlist, but to be forced to perform that Mitzvah is a Sha'as Hashmad! That seems to be intellectual dishonesty at its worst.

And he seems to like quoting Pesukim about Hashem protecting. I have one for him: Poseach Es Yodechah... instead of bemoaning a lack of support from a government he believes to be enforcing a Sha'as Hashmad, why not just rely on Hashem?

This letter is an abomination.

Anonymous said...

Addendum from Rav Zuriel:

As much as I am a firm supporter of keeping the Mitzva of LO TA-AMOD AL DAM REI-ACHA, nevertheless when the irreligious government, instigates a program to close down all Yeshivot (now I see at the age of 18, not at 21 as I originally thought) certainly that AVEIRA is stupendously of more weight than the matter of saving a few lives.

The damage that we will not Cholila have a Torah Knowledgeable community here, and the impact which this will bring to Judaism loyalty in our country, is myriads times more than any singular mitzva.

I am 100% sure that the Torah youth will not go to the army. Religious convictions are stronger than any legislation. Only, I am deeply aggravated at the financial fines that the govt will inflict on institutions and on individuals. This is persecution. What I wrote twenty years ago that the Eirev Rav will fight Torah in our age (and I supported the thesis by words of the Zohar [book three page 125b]) this has become actualized now.

We underwent many persecutions from time immemorial. We survived them all with our Emunah banner flying high. So too today.

Best Wishes,

Moshe Zuriel

Huh? said...

Avi, it appears you missed the boat (perhaps due to a lack of reading comprehension?).


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