Monday, January 14, 2013

Doing the Daf summary #10

To see this picture debunked, see here

Here are some recent posts at my Daf Yomi blog you may have missed.

On Shabbat daf 53: Abaye as a classic rationalist. In terms of the nursing man, he considers Hashem working wonders within the natural order as more wondrous, and evidence of the perfection of the Divine Plan in Creation.

On Shabbat 92-93: Many Leviim washing one kohen's hand -- I wonder how the gemara's discussion of multiple actors, where each is capable, or where one is merely assisting, plays out in terms of the frequent situation in which hordes of Leviim crowd around to wash one kohen's hands.

On Shabbat 94-95: Is plaiting building? And a fundamental definition of melacha -- I analyze the proof from vayiven et hatzela, and do not come away convinced that it proves that plaiting is encompassed within building, as a natural form of building. Rather, it is a foreign-language pun, as a method of derash. If so, what is the answer to it not being derech boneh? I think that it is that the avot are mere organizational aids -- as one source puts it, those involved in the Mishkan. But all are Biblical, as defined by Chazal. If so, cholev really is because of cholev.

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