Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Interesting Posts and Articles #383

1. Rabbi Tendler on metziza befeh. Note the difference in coverage between Vos Iz Neias and The Yeshiva World, with the former being the more accurate and the latter being more stupid.

2. Matzav quotes a source regarding Rav Chaim Kanievsky:
“Rav Chaim never said phones should be burned,” said the source. “People put words in Maran’s mouth. Of course, he has supported the effort to warn people of the dangers of certain technological devices, including some types of phones. But beware of false statements, especially ones that are rash and headline-making, being reported in the name of Maran.”

3. Related, on Life In Israel, the attack on the smartphone moves to the honor system.
The Vizhnitzer Rebbe publicized his attack on the non-kosher cellphones the other day when he said that anybody who has a smartphone should not come to him for a kvittel.
Add to that this announcement by a Rav Avraham Shorr of a community in Flatbush in which he said, according to this report on Bechadrei, that anybody who has a non-kosher phone, or unfiltered internet access at home, would not be included in the community for shofar blowing - such a person would have to go to hear shofar elsewhere.
4. Dor Deah discusses not believing in the Rashbi'ic authorship of the Zohar. And points, in part, to this post about how the Chasam Sofer viewed it as a forgery.

5. So in response to the killings at the US embassy, purportedly in response to this idiotic movie about Muhammed:

A twit tweeted, asking "when Sam Bacile would be arrested". Of course, he should not be arrested for putting forth his opinion, even if it is entirely incorrect. And those who acted violently are the ones responsible for their own actions. And outlawing offensive or incorrect speech because of what violent whackjobs will do is basically giving them a heckler's veto. (Besides that there are good indications that this was a pre-planned terrorist attack, with the peaceful protests over the movie providing a cover.)

The defense of the tweeter included the following gem:
If there is anyone who values free speech, it is a tenured professor!
Sure. Here, by the way, is a video clip of Anthea Butler:

To me, she comes off as a clown, so I don't know why anyone would care what she says anyway.

Regardless, the fellow who made that video has indeed been arrested, but for parole violations. I think the arrest is legit, and is not politically motivated, regardless of what some others are suggesting.

6. At the Seforim blog, who is buried in the Vilna Gaon's tomb, by Rabbi Dr. Shnayer Leiman? The take-away:
In other words, all Jews who visit the grave of the Gra today, pray, and leave qvitlach, at the wrong grave (i.e., at the grave of R. Noah Mindes Lipshutz).
A rather convincing presentation.

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