Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Now it is time to hunt the rabbits. Many haggadot have pictures of rabbit hunts. That it because the German phrase jag den Häs sounds quite similar to YaKNeHaZ, meaning yayin, kiddush, ner, havdalah, zeman.

This is the order in which one recites the various brachot as part of the kiddush, depending on the particular situation. Only on Motza'ei Shabbat would one say all of these. On other nights, only yayin kiddush zeman applies.

Thus, on a regular night, then one only says yayin and kiddush:

followed of course by shehechiyanu:

If it is Friday night, then one begins with vayechulu, the standard introduction to Friday night kiddush.

These pesukim describe Hashem's role as Creator, rather than Redeemer. And that this night focuses on the latter role does not mean that the former role should get no mention.

Next up, yayin, kiddush, and zeman. This is the blessing on the wine,  sanctifying the day of Pesach (and Shabbos inclusive), and a shehechiyanu.

And, if it is a Saturday night, then we get the full rabbit hunt. First, yayin and kiddush:

Then, ner and havdalah:

And finally, zeman:

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