Wednesday, December 21, 2011

YU Torah on parashat Mikeitz

Audio Shiurim on Miketz
Rabbi Hanan Balk: The Yosef Narrative and Chanukah: Coming Forward to Do What is Right/Integrating Kodesh and Chol 
Rabbi Chaim Brovender: Dreamers and Dreams 
Rabbi Ally Ehrman: The Bracha Of "Chein" 
Rabbi Daniel Z. Feldman: Of Mikeitz, Menorahs and Majesty 
Rabbi Joel Finkelstein: From Whence Confidence?
Rabbi David Fohrman: Does God Speak to Us Today? A Closer Look at Joseph's and Pharo's Dreams 
Rabbi Shmuel Goldin: Classical and Contemporary Theories: Why Didn't Yosef 'Phone Home'? 
Rabbi Meir Goldwicht: Yosef's Life: From Not Me to I 
Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb: Women and Minyan
Rabbi Yisroel Kaminetsky: Yosef's "Interpretation" of Pharoah's Dream 
Professor Aaron Koller: Improving on Joseph: Revision of Esther and Daniel in the Second Temple Period 
Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz: Thinking Little Picture 
Rabbi Aaron Leibtag: Yosef and His Brothers: Why the Wait
Rabbi Meir Lipschitz: Reuven and Yehuda 
Mrs. Nechama Price: A Glimpse into Yosef - The Egyptian Leader 
Rabbi Hershel Reichman: Yosef and Chanukah 
Rabbi Michael Rosensweig: Why did Yoseif not just totally forgive? 
Professor Smadar Rosensweig: Restoration and Rededication: Zechariah, Haftarah and Chanukah 
Rabbi Avi Schneider: So Hard To Say I'm Sorry
Rabbi Baruch Simon: Seeing Holiness and it's Effect in our Lives 
Mrs. Shira Smiles: Inspired Introspection
Rabbi Reuven Spolter: Make All Your Dreams Come True 
Rabbi Michael Taubes: Saying Shalom Aleichem to a Friend 
Rabbi Andi Yudin: Yosef, Chanuka and Jewish Pride 
Rabbi Ari Zahtz: Why Didnt Yosef Contact His Father 
Rabbi Eliezer Zwickler: Call Your Father! 

Articles on Miketz
Rabbi Etan Moshe Berman: Hishtadlus: The Mask of Nature
Rabbi Reuven Brand: Menashe: Forgotten and Redeemed
Rabbi Ozer Glickman: I Have a Dream
Rabbi Avraham Gordimer: Why the Grand Feast?
Rabbi Maury Grebenau: A Lesson in Leadership
Rabbi David Horwitz: God Did Not Let Joseph’s Brothers “Move On”
Rabbis Stanley Wagner and Israel Drazin: Onkelos Clarifies the Biblical Text
Rav Avigdor Nebenzahl: Blinded by Bias
Rabbi Eli Baruch Shulman: Yosef's Lack of Faith

Rabbi Jeremy Wieder: Laining for Parshat Miketz
See all shiurim on YUTorah for Parshat Miketz

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