Wednesday, July 27, 2011

YU Torah on parashat Masei

Audio Shiurim on Masei
Rabbi Chaim Brovender: These are the Voyages 
Rabbi Ally Ehrman: Lessons Learned From Our Trek In The Desert 
Rabbi Beinish Ginsburg: Power of Tefilah 
Rabbi Shmuel Hain: Altar Asylum, Blood Avengers and Cities of Refuge: An Analysis of the ABC's of Unintentional Killing
Rabbi Ari Kahn: Destination and Traveling
Rabbi Aryeh LebowitzTravel Through Aveilus of Churban 
Mrs Ilana SaksTravel Logs 
Rabbi Baruch SimonGalus and Torah Sheb'al Peh 
Mrs Shira SmilesJourney of Faith 
Rabbi Michael TaubesWhich Haftorah do you read 
Rabbi Yaacov ThalerThe Role of the Kohen Gadol
Rabbi Ari ZahtzWhy List All The Stops 

Articles on Masei
Rabbi Asher BranderWanderings
Rabbi Ozer GlickmanSerious Texts For Serious Readers
Rabbi Meir GoldwichtWhy is Arei Miklat the Last Mitzvah in Bamidbar?
Rabbi Avraham GordimerSignificance of the Masa'os
Rabbi Maury GrebenauExile of a Murderer: Justice Served?
Rabbi Josh HoffmanThere's Something in the Air
Rabbis Stanley M Wagner and Israel DrazinThe Torah Does Not Call Israel Holy
Rabbi Avigdor NebenzahlTaking A Human Life Seriously
Rabbi Reuven SpolterA List of Names

Rabbi Jeremy WiederLaining for Parshat Masei
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